Winners List for ThunderZap Control Pro Giveaway

Heya peeps,

It’s been a long time ya’ll seeing a blog post, ain’t ya? Well, the following is the list of 30 winners for the ThunderZap Control Pro Giveaway which concluded on 15 April. Got more than the response I expected with 125+ entries.

Let’s see the winner list?


















Ok, you want the winner list? Are you sure?












Well, here you go!


Adhi Purwanto

Akansha Srivastava

Amogh Shady

Austin Pinto

Dhruv Saxena

Dipankar Bhattacharya

Gaurav Deopa

Hemkesh Agrawal

JesuinoDsa Michael

Krittin Kalra

Kushal Gothi

Marlou Nava

Meg Sudiacal

Miradutta Pradhan

Mohit Bhargava

Mohit Shrivastava

Pankaj Rai

Pradeep NaNi

Pranav Bedre

Rama Mahendra

Rey Gonzales Omayan

Rut Vora

Ryan Triandika

Sai Krishna

Shabet Umar

Siddhant Tamgadge

Uday Mehta

Vaibhav Mishra

Vikrant Arya

Vipul Jha


Congratulations to the winners! You’ll receive the promo code for ThunderZap Control Pro within a few days. 

Thanks for the participation


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5 Responses

  1. adhi says:

    Wow my name on top list

  2. Sai Krishna says:


  3. ghpranav says:

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  4. Gaurav Deopa says:

    feeling awesome!! Thanks varun 🙂

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