ThunderZap kernel for Sony Xperia L


  • Overclock-able to 1.6 GHz
  • Neon optimizations
  • CPU Voltage Control
  • Optimized RWSEM Algorithms
  • Powered by Intelli-thermal cooling
  • Optimized AES and SHA1 routines


  • Optimizations to default SLUB allocator
  • Lowered vfs cache pressure size to 20
  • Added zSwap from Linux 3.11
  • Added frontswap
  • Added vnswap – a virtual swap page file residing the RAM memory pool.
  • Reducing android logger memory allocation
  • Switched to XZ kernel compression
  • Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks


  • Optimized apply_slack() method for size and speed
  • Lock initial TCP window size to 64k for better ping
  •  10 new TCP Congestion controls


  • ThunderSonic Sound Engine – A sound control driver wholly developed by me
  • Charger Control 2.0 – A charger current rate control driver wholly written by me


  • Philz Recovery 6.48.4 built in
  • Enabled ARCH_POWER
  • Lowered log buffer shift
  • Disabled FRAME_POINTER slowing down the kernel
  • Added Intelli_active governor
  • Disabled lots of useless debug shit.
  • Added native LZ4 compression support
  • Installation powered by AROMA Installer
  • Introduced in GPU Voltage Control
  • FIOPS, SIO and BFQ  IOScheduler

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4 Responses

  1. Suraj Gaikwad says:

    Best Kernel for Xperia L!!! 😉

  2. Avin says:

    Hey bro..please upload ur legacy kernels too..:) its usefull fr many people including me..

  3. amal says:

    how can i install it?

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