ThunderZap kernel for Android One devices is now available

Upon looking on kernel sources the purity of them is clearly visible, well thanks to Google for that. The kernel certainly has good room for possible improvements which I have begun to carry out with this first version of my kernel. So proceeding with the release details.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear
 * war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following these
 * directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and
 * if you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will
 * laugh at you.
The kernel is based off latest sources from Google and is compatible with all of the Android One devices. Over stock kernel this kernel possesses following enhancements
  • Insecured
  • adb runnable as root
  • Dynamic Fsync Control
  • Improved filesystem mounting flags – NOATIME and NODIRATIME
  • Disabled Gentle fair sleepers
  • Enabled arch power
  • Optimizations to SLUB memory allocator
  • Patches to block and mm to significantly improve ssd IO performance.
  • Dynamic entropy setting based on usage
  • Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
  • block: Added SIO IOScheduler
  • block: Add BFQ IOScheduler
  • block: Add fiops scheduler
  • fs: added Samsung F2FS support
  • Reduce logger device RAM allocation to 128K
  • Set MM Linux read ahead size to 256K
  • Patches from upstream to optimize memory writeback
  • Governors enabled: hybrid, ondemand, interactive
  • Speedup /proc/net/unix interface access
  • Mali GPU cache Optimizations
  • Mali: Increase L2 cache max read size
  • Mali: Disable state tracking
  • Mali: Reduce GPU utilization timeout
  • Mali: increase kernel memory buffer size
  • Enabled Multicore scheduler
  • Aggressive multicore power savings
  • ARM: Cortex A7 compiler optimizations
  • MTK: removed HUGE HUGE trail of stupid MTK kernel logging
  • ARM: Removed various debug traces
  • Requires Unlocked Bootloader
fastboot flash boot boot.img
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12 Responses

  1. zero995 says:

    This kernel works in what rom?

  2. niraj says:

    its support otg function or not

  3. kapish says:

    can I use it on my karbonn sparkle v android one

  4. kapish says:

    installed this kernel…….and my fone is now blazingly fast….now waiting for stable cm11 release….just two major bugs remaining….good luck woth that

  5. kapish says:

    but battery backup is very low
    … something……….

  6. Dharmesh says:

    Hey! I want to flash this kernel but please say that this kernel supports USB OTG or not?!!
    Thanks in advance!

  7. riteshdas says:

    is there any double tap to wake feature for android one’s??? am on cm 12.1 nightly…

  8. Narendra says:

    Yureka plus is not support USB OTG IN this kernal please fix the problem

  9. CK says:

    please make it support OTG in Android one…….

  10. dhrtlocker says:

    HelloSir, I’m a huge fan of your work. Sir i need a just some efford i have Gionee F103 (mt6735) device so want to build & compile a custom kernel for it. I have source code but there are not any clear tutoril or guild to build a MTK kernel You have builded many MTK device kernels sir & have lots of experience so j just wannt to make a post(theard) tutorial step by step to build MTK custom kernel.

    Best Regards.

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