ThunderZap 5.0 For Android One – The Biggest Release Ever Is HERE!

So this has been due for what? like a year? True. But, worry not! I have made sure it was all worth it.
Tighten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.  

1. ThunderSonic Engine:


Presenting a HW sound amplifying engine with it’s full glory. This feature allows you to boost MAX volume of Headphones as well as Speakers.
Special left and right channel adjustments are available for headphones. Future versions will have more controls.
Because sprout’s ANA registers are not capable to pump a sound with such a high gain, you will hear sound with noise for songs with high bass and pitch. To fix that, just enable AudioFX from CM and set Equalizer to ‘Flat’ configurations, you’ll have the pure filtered sound for you 😉

2. ThunderCharge Control

So hey what’s up with the slow charging speeds? Ain’t nobody got the time for that!

Well there you go! Both USB and AC currents can be increased to 1000mA. But note that your charger must provides output with that much rate for this to work. If you use a low output charger and then complain that it isn’t working for you, then I’m gonna kick your ass!

Here are the charging currents @ 1000mA settings (AC). It won’t go above a certain limit like 960mA due to variety of conditions like current battery level, resistance of wire etc. But to sum it up, it CHARGES FAST! Use this VERY CAREFULLY

Android One charges @ 650mA for AC and 450mA for USB by default.

Here’s a Before and After current rates.




3. ThunderPlug  – A CPU Hotplug driver



ThunderPlug is a replacement driver for the ‘hotplug’ CPU governor which works concurrently with any governor. It comes with a big range of customizations. Let’s quickly go through each one of them.

a.   Thunderplug (Switch):

This is a simple switch which you need to turn on before doing any customizations

b.   Hotplug Load Threshold:

This tells the driver when to hotplug the CPU cores. It defines the load threshold, when a core cross this threshold, the next core is enabled.

c.   Laziness:

This defines the interval between two load queries. In other words, it defines how fast the driver should check the load and decide the fate of cores accordingly.

d.  Touch Boost:

This when enabled, enables all the 4 cores at their maximum frequency when you touch the screen to give you the lagfree UI and UX. This feature consumes more battery.

e.  Suspend CPUs and Endurance Mode are self explanatory.

Note: NEVER use hotplug CPU governor with thunderplug



4.  ThunderX : A CPU Governor

ThunderX is a power saving CPU governor based on SmartAssv2 optimized for Mediatek SoCs. Use this with ThunderPlug with following settings for Max power savings. This will slightly affect the UI smoothness.

Hotplug Threshold: 85%
Touch Boost: Off
Laziness: 750ms
Endurance Mode: Dual Core


5. Wi-Fi Power Management Control


There are three power modes for the Wi-Fi Power Management area and they are:

  • PM_CAM
  • PM_MAX

How each of them works is given below:

  • CAM (Constantly Awake Mode) – keeps the radio powered up continuously to ensure there is minimal lag in response time. This power save setting consumes the most power but offers the highest throughput.
  • Fast – switches between PSP mode and CAM mode, depending on network traffic. For example, it switches to CAM when it is receiving a large number of packets and switches back to PSP after the packets have been retrieved. Fast is recommended when power consumption and throughput is a concern.
  • Maximum –  the access point buffers incoming messages for the radio. The radio occasionally ‘wakes up’ to determine if any buffered messages are waiting and then returns to sleep mode after it requests each message. This setting conserves the most power but also provides the lowest throughput. It is recommended for radios in which power consumption is most important (such as small battery-operated devices).

Info source:

Android One MTK phones by default use PM_FAST all the time.

6. GPU Control:

Here, the GPU Hotplug and GPU Load Threshold works exactly as the CPU counterpart.

Other features:

  • Patched to Linux 3.10.94
  • Added doubletap2wake and sweep2wake (On public demand)
  • Patched F2FS driver to Linux 4.4-rc1
  • Disabled FRAME_POINTER
  • Upgraded compiler to Linaro 5.2
  • Performance patches to load scheduler and memory allocator
  • Disabled ZSWAP and some other unused features.



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35 Responses

  1. mohit says:

    Cant find the way to download bro

  2. Rohit says:

    Thats Great

  3. Samhith says:

    Respect !!!!!!!
    Thank you Sir grateful to you from not on only buying devices you support!!!!

  4. Nikhil says:

    Damn. Shocked to see so many features come out all of the sudden. Keep up ?

  5. Dhawal Panchal says:

    Great Job,as always!

  6. Rohit Sonone says:

    Wonderful! Using this since yesterday it is just been awesome experience.
    Really class apart.
    Thank you!
    I also have suggestion for you,you could add automatic profiles like powersave,performance to the app itself maybe to donate version which would be really helpful.I would really like to buy that app and have my contribution to this amazing developer.

  7. Tanvir says:

    10 * out of 10

  8. kanav says:

    Will it support stock kitkat?

  9. Mithun says:

    You are the GOD of android One
    thank you so much for your wonderful works

  10. Samhith says:

    You are telling me uto 1000 mah is safe but kernel supports up to 1.5 amps dilemma on what is safe as battery inside says nothing about input

    • Rohit Sonone says:

      You are most probably using older version of application you should update the app then this problem will be rectified.

  11. Rejul RS says:

    Seriously awesome work ??

  12. Aman says:

    Everything is awesome..
    I found the following bugs in this version!
    1) misc doesn’t return on reboot to the selected settings/values
    2) hotplug for gpu the same
    3) audio amp makes the speaker or earpiece to stop working

  13. Gurdeep Singh says:

    Thanks Brother for this release. Perfectly works on my canvas a1.

    But you can add Profile option to app for creating backing up current setting or switch between different setting according to needs.

    Anyway there is no problem in your app. And as always your kernel Rocks.

  14. harsha says:

    wow!! be with us varunchitre sir…. I respect your contribution for android one

  15. Tejas says:

    Plzz add download links man they r not working wat d hell

  16. Dan says:

    Dev, what do you mean with ” VEEEERY CAREFULL ” ?

    • Rohit says:

      Very Carefull means you can ruin your battery if you use it on Daily Bassis use it only when you really require Fast Charging or else keep it lower to about 750

  17. Amit says:

    I am waiting for next thunderzap for android one

  18. Jonas says:

    Fantastic as always!

  19. neXus_fan says:

    thanks sir 😉

  20. Navjot says:

    Sir plz provide otg support in kernal.There is externaly powered otg adapter available.i have tried it.but not working .may be kernal modifications are needed..plz help

  21. Vivek says:

    Will it work with cynogenmode 13 ?

  22. Sanket Gokhale says:

    Whrr is doenload link of tz5.0 ??

  23. Athul Raj says:

    Varun sir please consider le1s .. Its a humble request from all the le1s users around the world. We are ready to pay for your work. We need varuns magic in le1s same as it was with android one.
    Please mail me

  24. adil says:

    i am using 5v@2A charger but cannot get charging upto 850mAh always gets 650mAh i have turned on the charging feature in thunderzap app

  25. adil khatri says:

    i am using 5v@2A charger but cannot get charging upto 850mAh always gets 650mAh i have turned on the charging feature in thunderzap app

  26. Mehdi Hasan says:

    Really nice work….
    I’m really impressed…
    but I have a suggestion
    the gesture unlock(double tap or sweep) should work with proximity sensor…
    when I’m in a call it’s creating problem…
    If you could fix that it will be very helpful for me
    And congrats for your work.
    I love it…

  27. Mavs says:

    does this have issues on vpn connection?

  28. Sourav Adak says:

    There is a huge battery drain after flashing the kernal. Whereas i can get much more battery life on stock kernal of cyanogenmod 13. Please fix the issue.

  29. Ruturaj Jadeja says:

    Huge battery Drain when using it with CM 13, Please fix the issue if possible! 😀

  30. Gaurav says:


  31. Waynebek says:

    Hi, when I set endurance mode to dual core in thunder control app, it is changing to quadcore by itself after leaving the screen.

  32. Amit says:

    Thanks a lot for the kernel. This is the best android one has.

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