ThunderZap 4.8 for Sony Xperia L brings Lollipop compatibility, 1.7Ghz OC and improved Sound Engine   The update to the kernel setting up compatibility to Android 5.0 was much awaited by the users and here it comes.  


– Lollipop compatibility – ThunderSonic Engine 2.0 – Implemented locking mechanism – Pushed CPU Clock to 1.7Ghz – (Lollipop only) – Merged Lollipop patches from CAF – BFQ IOScheduler updated to v7r6 – Optimized Low memory killer to reduce aggressiveness – Memory management patches from Nexus 6 kernel – CPUFreq optimizations from Nexus 6 kernel – Patches to TCP from upstream

As always head over to XDA Thread for discussing/reviewing it. Release post can be found here

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8 Responses

  1. adil says:

    thanks a lot varun! you are a true legend. flashing right now.

  2. raghavabhargav says:

    I’ve flashed it but it was stucking at logo and i had to flash 4.7 to work again and I’m unable to get root assess for lollipop rom even after flashing supersu zip provided in the forum and a minor bug with torch it on’s the flash light but it doest off it except these every thin works fine till now .

  3. Jude says:

    So I’m currently running the CM12 beta 4 for xperia L and was wondering how to flash this kernel? Via fastboot? Or flash tool?

  4. Viral says:

    I have CM 12 beta 6 and TZ 4.13 installed but my wifi is not starting can u pls help

  5. Sreenath says:

    Thank you very much for your support for xperia l. However, camera’s not working, it says can’t connect to camera. I’m using cm12 1 5 may nightly with ThunderZap 4.8… Before updating to ThunderZap, it was fine. .. please help

  6. Amey says:

    Very nice work and a great kernel! But the problem is I cant connect to WiFi after flashing this kernel..I even tried Reflashing cm12 but it doesnt work. Please Help! Thanks!

  7. Samanshu says:

    Hey does this work lollipop 5.0.2 for cm12 (nightly)

  8. Syahrul Mubarok says:

    Can run on kitkat ?

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