ThunderZap 4.1 For Yureka Brings CPU OC upto 1.7Ghz, Improved Power Management And Better Hotplugging Highlights:
– Over-clocked CPU Cluster 1 to 1.7Ghz
Full change-log:
– Cluster 1 over-clockable to 1.7Ghz – Disabled ksm causing high power consumption – thunderplug : optimized hotplugging algorithm – CIFS and NTFS available as modules – Enabled HMP-aware task scheduling. – Added BFQ-v7r7 IOScheduler – Disabled some useless stuff
Notes about Benchmark: The CPU placement and the over-all form factor of Yureka causes the CPU to heat up with even the smallest spike in frequency. To protect the CPU from that, thermal-engine exists (It exists in all phones, it’s very aggressive with the Yureka). There are two alarms set, one at 60°C, another at 70. With the 1.7Ghz (1651Mhz actually) frequency unlocked and benchmark running, the CPU hits the first alarm in a flash. And the thermal-throttling begins. Therefore, benchmarks will come out as lame. If you are hell-bent on getting great scores, disable thermal-engine to disable throttling but I would highly discourage you from doing so. If you do that, it’s the sole responsibility of the user of whatever casualties he faces due to that. [adblockingdetector id=”6″] Instead,  what I would suggest is don’t run after benchmarks. The 1.7Ghz frequency occasionally is hit many times in day to day usage and provides you the necessary performance boost and that’s how it needs to be. Keeping the phone constantly on 1.7Ghz is not at-all recommended. [adblockingdetector id=”6″] Forum Linking: Yu Official Forums | XDA-Developers | Downloads  
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6 Responses

  1. Prashant Poonia says:

    Is this flashable on stock cm12s?

  2. Vaibhav says:

    you must have heard about the new firmware upgrade by cyanogen for yu yureka of 130MB for improving battery life and heating issues…I am on your CM12.1 for yu yureka…can i apply that OTA zip directly…? please reply asap..

  3. shyam says:

    Does it work in cm11(YNG1TAS0W0)

  4. Suraj says:

    Perfect kernel for Yureka, keep updating.

  5. Shubhang says:

    This version is not yet compatible with cm12.1 . I’m not complaining.

  6. Ali says:

    Thunderzap 4.2 yureka led not working….

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