ThunderZap 4.0 For Yureka Brings 64-bit Support, Smart-Load-Based CPU Hotplugging, Touch Boost And Glove Mode Highlights:
– 64-bit support with all features maintained for new code. – Introducing highly customizable ThunderPlug 2.5 – Significantly improved thermal mitigation for cooler UX – Glove Mode – Faster Bootup.
Complete elaboration: ThunderPlug 2.5 The need for a perfect hotplugging solution on the Yureka was inevitable. Keeping all the 8 Cores online caused a big toll on power consumption and caused unbearable heat generation. The solutions available out there viz intelli_plug, msm_hotplug, they work but not as they should! Instead cause more performance regression at the cost of hotplugging. So I brought up ThunderPlug which provided fascinating options like ability to select cpus to keep alive when phone is in suspended state, endurance mode which allowed to put your device into Quad Core and Dual Core modes. However, it lacked load-based hotplugging capability, but not anymore! With this release, I present you ThunderPlug 2.5 – a matured load-based hotplug driver with breathtaking customizations written from ground up by me considering the Yureka’s dual cluster CPUs.  [adblockingdetector id=”6″] Features: Load threshold customizations – ThunderPlug works on core-by-core basis. It checks the load on a core and if it exceeds the value set here, it plugs in next available core Sampling rate – Defines the time with how fast the load on the cores is refreshed. Lower time can have a more refined and accurate hotplugging but can also cause a slightly higher power consumption Touch Boost – Touch boost is a feature which when enabled, brings the whole Cluster 1 online as soon as you touch the screen to give you smoothest experience. P.S : It also causes higher power consumption, so use sparingly đŸ™‚
What happens to endurance mode?
It will continue to work as it should but wit full co-operation with the load-based hotplugging. e.g If you use Endurance Mode – level 1, it will make your device quad core. In that case load-based hotplugging will only be executed on the 4 cores which are online.
  You can customize all these parameters using my app ThunderZap Control  64-Bit Support and Compatibility As always, this release packs in my Universal Compatibility Mechanism. You can flash this kernel on any 64-bit Android 5.0/5.1 ROM Glove Mode The Touchscreen on the Yureka does support Glove Mode! How to use it? Flash the kernel and fire up my app, go to Screen section. [adblockingdetector id=”6″] Forum Linking: Yu Official Forums | XDA-Developers | Downloads  
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  1. bharat says:

    Can its wrk on resurection remix rom

  2. Jay Kapoor says:

    Just 1 thing you are god in development FOR DROID đŸ˜€

  3. jigar says:

    When I open this app…it is showing that access has denied…

  4. Samer says:

    Will Thunderzap 4.1 work on yureka CM11 32 bit

  5. deevya sharma says:

    Can you please let me know the steps to install to micromax”yureka” ?

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