ThunderZap 2.5 for Android One brings Vibration Intensity Control, CM11 compatibility and Improved Performance and Battery life ThunderZap 2.5 for Android One phones brings my own ThunderQuake Engine, a driver which lets you control Vibrator Intensity of your phone. Besides that the release also brings compatibility with CyanogenMod 11, the kernel should also work with other CM based ROMs. There is also an incremental update to 3.4.105 from previous 3.4.104. Along with this there are also many other patches to improve performance and overall battery of the phone. The detailed changes are given in the changelog below  
– Introducing ThunderQuake Engine 1.0 – Vibration Intensity Controller for MTK vibrators (Here’s how to use) – Compatibility with CyanogenMod 11 – Upstream update to 3.4.105 – Optimized square root algorithm – Disabled CRC check in MMC for 30% extra performance with IO – Reduced latencies in SoftIRQ – Reduced VFS cache pressure for better battery – Optimized dirty ratios to reduce standby CPU consumption – Removed a lot of Mediatek debug shit – EXT4 FS patch from Linux 3.11 – Interactive build script with bootimage creation code (github)  
[adblockingdetector id=”2″] Unfortunately AROMA installer does not work with Android One touchscreen, so I need to reside to a provision of separate flashable zips for stock ROM and CM11. Click here for download link | Click here for XDA post   [adblockingdetector id=”4″]  
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7 Responses

  1. Aryan says:

    Will This Work On CM12..??

  2. Gaurav Kesarwani says:

    Plz add custom off screen gestures in your next update of the thunderzap kernel for android one.

  3. fakit says:

    where is the download link.. i want to use this on cm11.. plz help.

  4. sheshank says:

    will 3.0 kernel works on cm11

  5. Hemant says:

    If anyone has thunderzap 2.5, Please mirror the file..

  6. Rohit Sonone says:

    People who still want to flash thundrzap 2.5 over kitkat rom could get it on varun’s androidhost profile.He really is an amazing dev,he has maintained that download directory pretty neat considering no of ROMs and kernels for different devices he uploaded there.
    Thank you varun for buying an android one device.At last I hoped you don’t replace it but as I see on lot of posts that you have I wish you very very best in future and I hope I again buy a same device which you buy ?.

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