Sony Xperia L Joins The CyanogenMod 12.1 Family, ThunderZap 4.15 Approves!

CyanogenMod 12.1:

This is first BETA build of CyanogenMod 12.1 based on Android 5.1 for Sony Xperia L. Everything is working fine but please remember CM12.1 is still at early stages so you may face some force closes, glitches somewhere. As soon as CM12.1 nightlies begin, Sony Xperia L will be joining it therefore stopping CM12 nightlies. The new device specific changes in this build includes kernel upgrade to CAF 5.1 branch.   [adblockingdetector id=”2″]


ThunderZap 4.15 update brings compatibility for CM12.1, this release also marks end of support for CM12.   [adblockingdetector id=”2″]   Downloads & Forum Linking CyanogenMod 12.1 | ThunderZap
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19 Responses

  1. adil says:

    He’s done it again. Another brilliant release by one of the best and loyal devs I have seen in a long time. Thank you.

  2. dante says:

    wooow, Varun thanks, I feel like I have to try this rom, hahhaha.

  3. Subbir Ahmed Dhruba says:

    One of the brilliant dev i have ever seen. Thanks to you & go on with your development. Best of luck <3

  4. arli says:

    wow, awesome, feels anxious to try this rom, but how to cope with the radio no sound for Indonesian region,
    how to fix this bug?

  5. matt says:

    5.1 on my xl installation doesn’t have a radio app! Will it be added again or removed for good?

  6. josejacomeb says:

    Thanks Varun, I’m going to wait for the Nightlies

  7. Fayas says:

    It’s really awesome. But call hold option missing and call mute option not working.

    After installing thunderzap kernel, Wifi not working, pls fix soon or help me how to fix it.

  8. amit says:

    First of all Thanks for your efforts,
    Just one issue, my Xperia L phone got crash & recovered automatically after every 2 or 3 days.
    I don’t know, whether its my phone problem or what. plz help

  9. Marcelo Rodrigues says:

    Desde de quando lançou a primeira versão Cyanogemmod para o Xperia L que venho utilizando e atualizando de acordo com atualizações que vem surgindo , vocês estão de parabéns é um nível de estabilidade muito grande .
    Porém existem alguns pontos que precisam serem melhorados ou aprimorados :
    Rádio fm ficou sem áudio nestas últimas versões ,
    O gerenciamento de memória tá ruim , pois os aplicativos são instalados na primeira memória interna do aparelho que só disponibiliza um 1,5 gb para novos aplicativos(isso é um tormento não dá para instalar quase nada ), eles poderiam serem instalados diretamente no cartão sd,
    E para atualizar a Rom não estava conseguindo fazer através do próprio aparelho estava dando erro no recovery .
    E vocês poderiam abrir um canal para que os usuários envia-se dicas de novas funcionalidades ou erro do sistema e não usar somente o relatório de erros .
    Sou um usuário do Brasil , fico muito agradecido .

  10. Oliver says:

    It runs great and smooth, but I noticed a few bugs (phone app have a few) . Anyway, I love it and I use it even with those bugs, because I know CM12.1 will get better and better soon,thank you Varun.

  11. Oliver says:

    I have one question, when a new update will appear, can I update with system update in settings, or I have to flash it on recovery? (does your next CM12.1 updates appear when I check updates on settings? ) thanks.

  12. Bim says:

    Nice one. Thanks for your effort. Will keep an eye on CM12.1 for Taoshan. Currently sticking with the last stable CM11 FXP release so far…

  13. matt says:

    I thought you were stopping support for cm12 but they are still getting nightlys, do i stay on cm12.1 or go back to 12 until 12.1 gets nightlys ???

  14. mahdi says:

    What’s the difference between CyanogenMod 12.1 beta 1 and CyanogenMod 12 officiall در
    2. What is thander zap

  15. Debasish says:

    Nothing left to do What a Person you are Varun..Thanks are not just the right way to show our appreciation..Brilliant Job

  16. Rishi says:

    After flashing this kernel the WiFi isn’t working .Could u please fix this bug .Thanks

  17. amal says:

    wifi is not working please fix it 🙁

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