Presenting ThunderZap Control 2.0 | A Full Fledged app to harness all the power of ThunderZap kernels

Letting full control over my ThunderZap kernels has been my top priority, this piece of extensive work is a result of that. Introducing you to ThunderZap Control 2.0 – a full fledged app to control your favorite kernel. Note: The app is only compatible with Yu Yureka at the moment, compatibility for Xperia L, Android One will follow in next update. Beginning with ‘ The Live Dashboard‘     This section provides you with instantaneous statistics of various fields of your phone
  • CPU Temperature
  • Battery Temperature
  • Available Battery
  • CPU Governor
  • CPU Frequency usage
  • GPU Governor
  • GPU Frequency usage
  • Kernel being used
Next Comes the CPU Section     [adblockingdetector id=”2″]   This section provides you with
  • A Neat Live Graph on the CPU Usage
  • Ability to control CPU Parameters viz Governor, Max and Min frequencies
  • Allows per cluster control if using Octa Core HMP processors
The GPU Section gives you
  • A Neat Live graph on current GPU usage
  • Ability to control GPU parameters viz Governor and Max frequency
Memory Management section lets you control various options ranging from IO to Virtual Machine Settings which involves:
  • Ability to control IOScheduler, ReadAhead and Entropy contribution for eMMC and SD-Card
  • Ability to adjust swappiness, VFS Cache Pressure size
  • Ability to Toggle Dynamic FileSync
[adblockingdetector id=”2″] Network section gives you control over TCP Congestion Controls made available by the kernel And Finally, ThunderZap Special section consists of all the special features provided by my kernel for all three devices I support       This includes
  • Custom Gestures Control – Yureka only
  • ThunderSonic Sound Engine – Xperia L only
  • Charger Control: Yureka and Sony Xperia L
  • Vibration Intensity Control: Yureka, Xperia L and Android One
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2 Responses

  1. Asim Siddiqui says:

    Great work.. Looking forward to more in future..!

  2. Romchanger says:

    Hey, it would be great that if you bring your Thunderzap for any Intel powered device 😀

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