Hey taoshan! Meet Android Lollipop – Presenting first fully function build of Android 5.0/CyanogenMod 12 for Sony Xperia L

  A few days ago I released an alpha preview of Android 5.0 for Sony Xperia L. Everything was broken making it just a preview literally. I have been working on it since then, many hours of work and I hereby present first stable build of CyanogenMod 12/Android 5.0 for Sony Xperia L. Yeah you heard right, its a jump from alpha to stable. I have tested almost everything and everything works as expected. Talking with a user point of view “We taoshan’ers are the first one to have a stable lollipop bringup” Requirements:  1. You need unlocked bootloader 2. You must come from any Android Kitkat/Jellybean ROM otherwise Wifi won’t work since it requires new modem   Download the zip from xda thread mentioned at the bottom   Instructions: – power off the phone – reboot to recovery (vol up) – full wipe – flash rom zip – flash lollipop gapps zip – reboot   XDA Development thread
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7 Responses

  1. PauLO says:

    Big Thanks!!!
    Exceptional Work!!!

  2. leos says:

    You sir are a magician!

  3. Prokash Sarkar says:

    Thanks a bunch.
    I’m out of any kinds of word! Great work, we’ll always remember this contribution.

  4. Dmax says:

    Sir, Any progress on AndroidOne??

  5. Sivaram SS says:

    Great work! Would you please make one for Android one mobiles?

  6. Ayush says:

    I have stock jb rom, am I going to have the wifi issue?

  7. SamKipgen says:

    Ok, i havent rooted my phone yet in the hope that we (android one users) will get the Official Lollipop update soon… Will my hope go invain???? Anyone with any news or rumour???

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