CyanogenMod 12 Beta 7 For Sony Xperia L Brings New Camera HAL, Enhanced Security And Bunch Of Other Fixes

Camera problems on the Sony Xperia L for Android L have existed since Beta 3 proving to be a potential barrier to get the official nightlies started. The reason was the old camera HAL which crashes due to the vast changes in bionic with 5.0. There was a need to compile a new camera HAL with new code to be able to run on Android 5.0. This beta brings the new Camera HAL to Sony Xperia L. [adblockingdetector id=”2″] Device specific changelog:
– New Camera HAL from latest Lollipop CAF sources – Camera Optimizations included: *. Instant Noise Reduction, Low Power Mode, Automatic Scene Detection, Automatic Anti-Banding config. *. Image Quality raised to 95%, Support for Face Detection (Experimental) (Compatible app needed) – SELinux Enforced! – Hello Secured Android! – Bluetooth Audio Fixed – Finally – Bluetooth Tethering Fixed – Video Recording using AAC codec fixed
Known bugs: Native HDR is broken with the new HAL atm. You can use third party apps for that. Super-Note: SELinux is now enforced, this tightens the security layer and due to which some apps may stop working because they need to be updated for Lollipop. If some app you feel is broken and was working previously, mention me on that post so I can confirm after which you can report to the concerned developer. [adblockingdetector id=”2″] I’m not writing CM specific changelog, although there are no major updates there are many changes like Settings have been reorganized and as such which you will discover on your own. We have almost reached to a point where we can enable the official nightlies but I prefer waiting some more time till I can verify that everything is in it’s place. Forum Linking & Downloads XDA-Developers [adblockingdetector id=”4″]
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19 Responses

  1. Raj Joshi says:

    Great work! Thank you for your support to Xperia L

  2. dante says:

    Thanks, master.

  3. karthik bharadwaj says:

    thank you Mr. Varun Chitre … your works are unbelievable… you have given us the happiness which sony cant / couldnt deliver … we all thank you for your amazing work regarding with xperia L…continue with the amazing work (which you already do) … have a good day …cheers

  4. Rohit Salian says:

    Thanks Bro… Love u for your efforts for the ROM 🙂

  5. pavan kumar says:

    thank you for your hard work 🙂 ,,
    waiting for double tap to wake, feature…

  6. karthik says:

    Thanks a lot varun… Keep up the good work… Cheers

  7. Nick says:

    Will it run on thunderzap 4.13? Or should I wait before the kernel supports it?

  8. adil says:


  9. Minh Đức says:

    Thank! very good! :))

  10. r227 says:

    i am running beta4 on stock kernel
    if i want to update to beta7 do i need to change the kernel?

  11. Umang says:

    Sir please help me out
    -> (Finally I downloaded the titanium backup but I says that my devices is not rooted please help me out )
    I flashed the beta 7 ROM
    And a lolipop gapps
    But I am unable to flash the kernel I am bit new and do not known the installation order
    May be that’s why the terminal emulator app didn’t came after the flashing
    I downloaded it but it was not able to see the root permissions by typing su in the terminal emulator.
    But I managed to get the root permissions from the developer option grant root permission to apps
    Finally I downloaded the titanium backup but I says that my devices is not rooted please help me out

  12. Isht says:

    I came across a minor bug. just wanted to share it so that it may be removed. The flash light cant be turned off after turning it on from the pull down menu(in the notification bar)

  13. martin says:

    camera still has lots of noise in low light. i use snap camera or open camera they are it possible to put z3 social camera in cm12 for xperia l?

  14. Pooya says:

    It’s great rom. Tnx very much !!!
    but still it has some bugs for example:
    1- flash light in notification bar can not turn flash off.
    2- time in the notification bar does not update.
    Good Luck

  15. Pooya says:

    notification and widget and clock app have different values on same time

  16. gowtham says:

    can anyone send me link for cm12 beta 7? thanx n advance

  17. Harsh Navani says:

    thanks sir

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