CyanogenMod 12 Beta 6 For Sony Xperia L Brings Much Awaited Screen Scan Fix and A Bunch of Other Stuff

  One of the most annoying things in CM/CM based ROMs for Sony Xperia L was the infamous screen scan effect after a fresh boot of the device. The bug floods all CM11 / CM12 builds and all other ROMs based on it before this. But no more, I have managed to fix the issue right to it’s cause, which was the kernel. Device specific changes:
– Fixed Screen scan effect after every boot – Fixed Blue screen crashes on various occasions – Reverted MAC-address fixes in order to diagnose WiFi issues by users – Fixed Music control play/pause through headset buttons – Provide initial vibration feedback when phone starts. – FM radio is back, which was missed out in last beta – CPU clocked back to Sony’s default stable freq 1026Mhz
[adblockingdetector id=”2″] CM Specific changes:
– New Bootanimation – New Tiles: ADB over Network, NFC, AudioFX, LTE,, Lockscreen, System Profiles, Compass, Performance profiles. – Optimizations to Theme Engine – Brand new wallpapers – Voice dialer is now removed – New CM Setup Wizard – New Ringtones && Notification sounds – ‘Accept all Files’ option when receiving multiple files over Bluetooth.
[adblockingdetector id=”4″] Note: People facing WiFi issues, you need to do a clean install Visit XDA Thread here for discussion and downloads
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31 Responses

  1. Dante says:

    Thanks Varun, you re the best. 🙂

  2. mercifull says:

    thanks varun for much effort you

  3. Yiğit says:

    Google Camera bug not opn

  4. VarunFan says:

    Varun sorry for asking but will screen scan fix arive for KitKat roms?

  5. PauLO says:

    Thanks Varun. You Are The best.

  6. Jude Gonsalves says:

    Hey varun,

    I tried flashing beta 6 from. beta 5 through cm recovery and it failed due to some /misc not able to mount. Should I flash thunderzap 4.12 and then upgrade to beta 6?


    p.s. keep up the splendid work.

  7. the_biu says:

    Hey Varun, this is really nice work. Keep it up!
    One question: when do you plan to release a new cm11 with all the fixes you putted on cm12? It’d be really nice to have it, since cm12 is not that stable as cm11… Hope you can build and release it.


  8. Rajanikant says:

    Nd what about the camera bug i.e Recording problem…… is it fixed……. By the way great work……. Thnxxxxx 🙂

  9. adil says:

    thanks varun. knew you would finally solve the mystery of the screen scan effect.

  10. fadel says:

    Super developer..
    Super Thanks from us

  11. Yogesh says:

    great work varun..!!!

    but i am not able to save video recordings with any camera app. video camera is working but video files are not saving in the gallery.

  12. Danushka says:

    Great work…
    But internal memory (1.57GB) decrease is installing several apps.

    WiFi off some times.

  13. Tejash says:

    please help: After flashing cm12 beta 6, MAC ID says unknown….. not able to connect to WiFi

  14. CM35 says:

    great work…!!!
    but there is major issue ….about restarting after every call..

  15. Mohit says:

    Amazing work bro! Been following your work form their very beginning and the amount of work you have done for our phone is amazing! Makes me think…’Will Varun buy this phone?’ every time a new phone is out in the market…Lol.

  16. Kunal says:

    Please rectify problem of barely any themes working. The moment i install a theme the themes app crashes once and then opening the app does not show downloaded app on the list

  17. Premislav says:

    Great work varun,
    I have one problem beside video saving, Phone is rebooting after receiving messege from fb messenger and whatsapp. Its quite annoing…
    But thanks for good job in cm12

  18. badri prajapat says:

    Thanks varun for your great work.
    I am facing rebooting problem after install beta 6 in xperia l. it rebooting any time i don’t know what is happening. please help me out.


    • Varun Chitre says:

      Update your kernel to ThunderZap 4.13, that should fix the issue.

      • Marcos Vinícius Saints says:

        Hi , I’m having trouble with the machine restarting all the time. Should I install the kernel with FlashTool ? ThunderZap 4.13 is compatible ?

      • seshadri says:

        Hi varun , I have used the ThunderZap 4.13 and the beta 6 in xperia l. Most of the time after unlocking the screen , the phone reboots . It also reboots when someone calls. Also when the call appears , there will not be any ringtone sound. Please help….its too hard to use …most of us using this same problem so pls fix it soon….and we are not even able to degrade our os as the bootloader was changed…so pls try to fix this problem..

  19. Deelip says:

    Hi , I have used the ThunderZap 4.13 and the beta 6 in xperia l. Most of the time after unlocking the screen , the phone reboots . It also reboots when someone calls. Also when the call appears , there will not be any ringtone sound. Please help

  20. Jemiro Kasih says:

    Hay Varun, thanks before, but my wifi and bluetooth canot detect 🙁
    can you give solution?

  21. Dave says:

    Great work here, one problem though is with the latest beta (6 as of writing) and latest ThunderZap installed (4.13 as of writing) the device AAC codec seems to be either broken or missing. A result of this is that the device video camera will not be able to write files as it cannot encode the audio. A workaround to get video recording to work is to change the audio codec away from AAC, this will allow you to save video files now, but the audio will not play, so you can record video but not audio via the camera app. Would be great to see this fixed.

    My installation process: I performed a full device wipe/cache clear, installed the latest ROM via ClockworkMod directly (this was not an upgrade or dirty flash), rebooted. Allowed phone to boot. Powered off, flashed ThunderZap via fastboot, then rebooted.

  22. Leon says:

    hey varun all good. but everytime i screen lock the phone takes a restart. it’s annoying!

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