CyanogenMod 12 Beta 4 for Sony Xperia L Brings FM Radio Support And A Bunch Of Fixes

  It’s been over a month since beta 3 was released and I totally understand users have been craving for CM sweetness. Well, wait no longer. This release is more focused on fixing up stuff, here goes down the device specific changelog
– Added FM Radio support with Stereo recording – Updated kernel to latest LP CAF tag – Fixes for the WiFi connectivity issues from beta 3 – Experimental fixes for distorted in-call audio – Experimental fixes for in-call voice echo – Experimental fixes for Bluetooth audio – Enabled Dual MIC support for noise suppression – Removed some un-needed services – Temporarily replaced Camera module with older version for compatibility – Switched to Block Based flashable zip – Enabled bridging and ebtables in kernel for IPv6 tethering – Removed sensor.qcom service causing battery consumption on standby
Note : Everything marked as experimental needs thorough testing and reports. In past month CyanogenMod 12 has undergone a lot of changes and under the hood optimizations. I’m highlighting major ones below
– Android 5.0.2 merge – Superuser replaced with AppOP based superuser management – DSP Manager and Apollo replaced by AudioFX and Eleven – Browser, Gallery has got material UI – Performance profiles – Swap Volume button support – Power Connect/Disconnect notification support – Long press volume buttons to skip audio tracks – Left hand mode for navigation keys during Landscape orientation – Weather display on status bar – Battery icon options – Support for Scramble pin layout when unlocking – A lot of performance improvements and UI and code cleanup  
Visit XDA post here for further discussion and download links.
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9 Responses

  1. adil says:

    Thanks a lot varun. downloading now, will let you know if the experimental changes made any difference. thanks again.

  2. PauLO says:

    Thanks Varun. Downloading and testing . . .

  3. raj says:

    Thank u varun. Testing and downloading this one

  4. Jayakumar.p says:

    Super phone in xperia

  5. Oliver U. says:

    Great! I really appreciate your work!

  6. Angel Fernandez says:

    Quiero actualizar. mi xperia. L pero no se como se hace

  7. Sandeep says:

    Thanks a lot Varun. Great work…!! Camera quality is superb, got additional features
    But i still have issues with the wifi connectivity. When searched for available networks nothing is shown in search results.

  8. Kunal Gautam says:

    Hi ! First of all thanks a lot Varun for the amazing development!
    I would like to mention a few tiny bugs I experienced-
    1. On activating flashlight through notification panel quick settings I am not able to switch it back off through quick settings . Also after the first time I experienced this the flashlight app disappeared from app drawer
    2. Calculator app does not open at all .
    3. WiFi does not connect back if I move away from its range and then re-enter it (minor but manageable)

    That’s it ! Thanks again for the ROM and the kernel ! Lovkbv the

    • Kunal Gautam says:

      Continuation from the post –
      Loving the over clocking, smooth animations and buttery smooth app transitions and app switching !

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