CyanogenMod 12 Beta 2 for Sony Xperia L brings plethora of fixes and new features

  The first release of CM12 for taoshan happened on 14 Nov, since then things with CM have progressed in a lightning speed. A lot of features have been merged which you have to find yourself. The device specific changelog goes as:
LRX21M –> LRX21Q Fixed Wifi hotspot Fixed Move to SD card issue Fixed buggy in-call loudspeaker. Switched to dlmalloc allocator to improve RAM management Enabled Multi-user Enabled SELinux to Permissive mode Switched to GZIP kernel compression Experimental fixes to Bluetooth Audio Experimental fixes to audio playback issues for few users – (Enable NuPlayer in Developer settings and reboot if still problem persists) Model number detection.
  Some in-CM changes include
Material Design for DSP Manager, Messaging Few status Bar Mods have been merged CM File Manager is merged Vibrate when answer, disconnect and various calling features Battery and Notification light is configurable Privacy Guard Hardware button configurations And a lot of other good stuff.
Some notes: It is recommended to do a clean install with this release considering the changes introduced however you can give a hit to dirty install. I did too and issues I faced are fixable but I’m not sure you all will face the same issues as mine. Issue #1 : Launcher FC : Go to Settings and clear data of launcher Issue #2: DSP Manager FC: a reboot solves this If what you face is different and couldn’t solve, go for a clean install.   Special instruction to flash:  Use ThunderZap 4.7 or a SELinux ‘enforced’ kernel to flash the zip and just flash gapps over it. Head over to XDA Thread for download and announcement post to continue with discussion. Use Q/A thread only for discussion and questions    
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    I Love You man for this…you are awesome…!! Keep the good work and please keep supporting taoson.

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    Italian Language?
    Is compatible with the Italian phone company TIM?

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