CyanogenMod 12 beta 2 for Android One brings much awaited update – Fixes Hardware media decoding, WiFi Hotspot and much more

  Android One users have been kept alone when it comes to updates, thanks to my schedule and Canvas A1 being my primary phone. Let’s go ahead with the huge device specific changelog
Updated from LRX21M–>LRX22C (Android 5.0.1) Enabled Multi-user Fixed WiFi Hotspot Fixed Hardware video decoding Switched to dlmalloc for better performane Bluetooth partially fixed – Turns ON, scans devices. Cannot communicate yet Enabled Minikin font engine for extended font compatibility Improved thermal management Reduced lmk thresholds
The changes in CyanogenMod have been drastic, therefore it is recommended to do a clean install.   [adblockingdetector id=”2″]   CM changelog:
Material Design for DSP Manager, Messaging Few status Bar Mods have been merged CM File Manager is merged Vibrate when answer, disconnect and various calling features Battery and Notification light is configurable Privacy Guard Hardware button configurations Configurable 0,90,180 and 270 degree rotation Notification counters App Ops optimizations Volume key cursor control, ADB over network, Wake on plug Pre-rooted CM Easter egg and platlogo More material design for SIM Toolkit, DSP Manager. Notification filtering, Call Blacklist. Ability to import Contacts from local storage. Fixes to various FCs viz Dialer, Contacts etc Performance optimizations for scrolling cache and various other parts Ability to disable notifications via long press Merged some extra animations in notification bar Last app action in long press Battery level text to status bar. Material Design for CM FileManager A lot other minor changes and merges  

Installation :

  • Full wipe
  • Format /system
  • Install zip
  • Install gapps
[adblockingdetector id=”4″] For downloads hit up the XDA thread and announcement post here
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12 Responses

  1. Abhijit Kadam says:

    Thank you so much bro, you rock

  2. Vicky says:

    Well Done !!! keep it up….. you job is really appreciative,,,

  3. srinath kumar says:

    Please fix error mobile Internet not working in any sim and messaging app failed to open

  4. sudheer says:

    Data connection on both sims not working in CM12 for android one phones, As xolo mobile rollout lollipop update to solo one devices u can check that for better porting to android one devices

  5. Dipankar says:

    Hey varun have you stopped developing cm12 for android one. Please provide some info on this as rumours are going on around this.

  6. Suyash says:

    Hey varun… Will you Plz tell me.. What if I dirty flash this cn12 beta 2 on cm11 nightly..? Will it work..?

  7. Paras Puri says:

    Hello Varun you rock brother but please can you resume the development work of cm12 on android one. thanks again

  8. Devi Prasad says:

    Update it to beta 3 please waiting to beta 3 update…………………….

  9. shubham says:

    sir u r great dev i ever seen sir pls work on cm 12 dont stop working sir i nvr used this type of rom ever in my whole lyf pls work for android one u r god dev for our android great work sir carry on pls keep continue ur work :)….

  10. naved alam says:

    plzz varun sir make cm12 beta 3 plzzz plzzz im requesting you plzzz

  11. krishna says:

    When cm12 gone official for Android One “sprout”. I love all cm features which is not all integrated now. and this is bugs full. Please release a bugs free version of cm12 L5.1 for this device with official cm. 🙂
    Great Work of yours.

  12. Marathi Manus says:

    Hey there!!
    Currently using your CM11 Nightlies and thunderzap kernel with excellent feature and performance … Really loved it…
    And now( I know you are working on it and its about to arrive but still) can’t wait for your CM 12.1 and your ThunderZap kernel with new innovative feature anymore…
    Best of luck
    Hope you make its first appear very Soon..
    Fan of your work and forever support..

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