CyanogenMod 12.1 Build 1 For Yu Yureka Brings Initial Android 5.1 Experience

Yureka users are getting a treat by having COS 12 update since two days. Despite some very hot experience I had with the update I kind of liked it. However I couldn’t stop myself from ditching that and having full control on what I use. And this is where CM12.1 comes! Built from the bleeding edge code and ensures a tad better performance against the official thing. The build is 64-bit and based on latest device code released by Cyanogen. And hence you need to be on official Cyanogen OS 12 before flashing this. Moving towards what’s working and what isn’t? well umm everything I tested works very fine so there should be nothing to complain about  😛 [adblockingdetector id=”2″] Now regarding how the build will stay updated : I’m planning to keep the build updated every week with the latest code. What happens after official Cyanogen OS 12.1 releases? I’m going to keep these builds supported irrespective of official update. No matter what but code in these builds will always be newer than official update. Besides that from next build on-wards I’m going to add some home-made optimizations which won’t be present in official update + I’ll be also making ThunderZap kernel as the default kernel. But, that will be from next build. The current build is a plain CyanogenMod 12.1 build. Let’s look at some screenies, shall we? [adblockingdetector id=”2″] device 2015 04 18 155835     Eager to flash it? Head over to any of the following links and follow the instructions carefully! XDA-Developers | Yu Official Forums [adblockingdetector id=”4″]
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17 Responses

  1. Vicky V says:

    How to flash cm12.1 by custom or stock recovery

  2. Suraj Lulla says:

    You are so quick. People are eager for COS 12 not for the official one but they’re updating manually for this 5.1 build.


  3. Vaibhav says:

    Awesome rom.. Please add thunderzap kernel build soon.. You are doing great work.. Keep this up bro..

  4. Vivek Patil says:

    YU Yureka Is Officially Supported By CyanogenMod .But why There are no official nightly like oneplus one . .

  5. Jesuino says:

    Man Ordered and Yureka yesterday eager to try out varuns build

  6. Kalpesh Bhoir says:

    I’m currently on your CM12.1 build. I just have a question: How can I flash ThunderZap Kernel on CM12.1? I mean “ThunderZap 3.0” is mentioned on downloads section. Will it work if I flash it via recovery? Or is it just for CM11?

  7. sujit gupta says:

    i am facing lots of problems in my yu yureka after lollipop update so i just want to know one thing….when will yu release the next official update via OTA?
    please help

  8. prashant says:

    My yu yureka getting more heated after upgraded to cm12 at charging.
    What should i do ?

  9. prashant says:

    What should i do ?my yureka getting much heated at charging since i updated it to cm12

  10. Chaitanya says:

    Hi, i installed this OS build, but i dont see any google apps in it, like playstore, google app, anything. is it something called GApps that I have to install? if yes, can someone suggest me with the link? I also have observed that when I open contacts, it says there are no contacts, i also added my gmail id but still it doesnt work. Is this because of gapps is not installed? @varun, do you have gapps link? if yes, please share.. 🙂 Reallly great work.. now I dont even care what yureka offically releases…

  11. Chaitanya says:

    Hi All, I tried with the google apps package given in , link. It worked great.. now i m on 12.1. android 5.1. so far i have seen no issues, but the theme chooser doesnt give me any themes to select. only one default theme is displayed there. But in yu phone, theme choser offers free or paid themes. I was using a mixture of few themes there. But here there are no other themes at all. Can some please help?


  12. Shubhang says:

    I purchased the device only 2 days ago and I got to hear about kernel. But I’ve already upgraded to cm12.1. So I’m eagerly fo the update.

  13. Vindya says:

    Day before yesterday i just updated ma yu for android 5.1.1 but after this am facing a trouble… While am using cell , apps will immediately closed and often some fraction of second it will opened… Plzzz help me from diz problem..:-(

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