CyanogenMod 12.1 Beta 4 For Android One Fixes Every Damn Thing, Makes Way For Official Nightlies!

The First Beta was released on 30 March with most of the stuff broken, and now here we are two months later! Ready to enjoy daily official nightlies. Beta 4 is the last of the Beta releases and provides the much needed fixes and performance enhancements – Fixed 3G on SIM2
– Fixed Offline charging
– Fixed Incall audio volume issues
– Fixed speaker mode delay
– Fixed repeating “Restricted access changed”
– Fixed SIM Card Prompt on every boot.
– Fixed phone crash on using interactive governor
– Reduced minimum brightness limit
– Improved battery life
When will official nightlies begin?
No idea honestly, official stuff takes time. I’ll update the community on what’s going on from time to time. But I guess it will happen very soon. Links: XDA-Developers | Downloads
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30 Responses

  1. sandesh says:

    nice work dude…keep it up.. thanx too..

  2. Shriram says:

    wow dude finally you fixed that call volume bug thanx alot .

  3. Rohit Salian says:

    Thank You so much for your Development’s 🙂 Good Luck for your future Updates (y)

  4. Kiran says:

    Great Work Sir , wil try soon & reply… Hope Camera issue resolved 🙂

  5. Dhruv says:

    PLease mirror the download link if you can

  6. rohit sonone says:

    Thank you very much for this update i hope minor bugs are resolved…i think it would be really nice if you could prepare a rom with your take on android like rastapop on nexus 6…it is just a suggestion i hope you don’t mind

  7. kiki says:

    you are the best, i can’t thank you enough for your work

  8. Preetam Das says:

    There are still some minor issues like lockscreen shortcuts not working, app icons crowded together and the legendary camera bug, but overall it is a pretty stable ROM. Hope the issues will be solved in the official nightlies. Keep up the good work ! All the best for your future releases !

  9. Mahal says:

    Can u modify the the root and sub root directory in cm 12.1 sprout8.
    For example as android one devices have low internal memory the directories like dim, uc downloads, watsaap, music are in sdcard0 which takes lots of space just fix this issue in your next update

  10. Arjun says:

    Would you mind uploading the zip to google drive. I always get a hash sum mismatch after downoading it from androidfilehost. The same had happened thrice with beta3! Thanks for your support !

  11. fakir says:

    thanks for ur hard work. u r osm.. love ur work. u r a good person. bhagwan tumhe aur bhi kaamyaab kre. thanks

  12. JB says:

    Hello Varun,

    nice to see the progress. Thee are two simultaneous ROM sprout4 and sprout8. which one to use with androidone with 4 GB internal RAM ? ( guess 4, please confirm though). Is it OK to format the system partition only to upgrade the ROM ? Please advise.

    thanks for your great work

  13. JB says:


    I have wiped only system partition and install the sprout4 version of ROM on my androidone which has 4 GB internal.
    Everything was working as before fine except google play store. I failed to fix it and restore the nandroid backup. Please let me know how should I install this version of ROM with a working play store. As a side note the deactivation of specific sim was still not possible… Thanks

  14. Chirag Rijhwani says:

    Does this support mounting sd card as internal memory for 4GB variants???

    If no, is there a way to do so? Tried searching XDA but coudnt find any thing except a Indonesian ROM that supports that but dont want to flash that cause I like my stock ROM except the storage issue.

    Can you or any one else here please help?

  15. Aasmit Mishra says:

    Hey dude,
    Great work on the ROM. though I’m getting stuck on a boot loop on sprout 4 after flashing thunderzap3.0 can you fix it?
    in advance- Thanks

  16. gourab says:

    its pretty stable rom im using it for 1 week. no bugs found yet . and maybe there isnt any bug. but the icons are pretty close together my whole apps and games fitted in 2 pages only. when in stock rom it took 4 pages . but thats not a big issue so thums up. keep up the good work. god bless you

  17. Ahasanul Haque says:

    Using beta 4 sprout 8 from the day it was available, not facing any bugs. very nice build. you are just awesome dude 😀

  18. Ahasanul Haque says:

    Hi varun, it seems that memory leak is present in beta 4, if I use my device without rebooting for about 2-3 days, ram usages increases and free ram decreases. I hope that you will take this into consideration before releasing beta 5. otherwise everything is ok. 🙂

  19. prajwol devkota says:

    Thank you bro for awesome Rom with various tweaks . really appreciate with your hard work. Just one more request for MiUi Rom ,if its possible please proceed after official release of this one please. 🙂

  20. Anurag Kumar says:

    Keep the community informed as you are doing. Hope the official nightlies come soon.

  21. Prateek says:

    The night lies are here I received update today

  22. Zubai says:

    Dear sir,
    Plz fix the official CM12.1 sprout4 data switching. I have two sim cards. I always recharge sim1 for data. But this time I’ve a special offer on my SIM2. So I recharged. After recharged I try to data switch to SIM2 but nothing happend, it automatically changed to SIM1.
    So, my earnest to you to fix the problem as soon as possible.

  23. Aman says:

    Varun u rocks buddy…
    Finally bcoz of U we r getting official CM nightlies builds and an awesome thunderzap kernel…

  24. Arjun says:

    Could someone please tell me if “Karbonn Sparkle V” comes in sprout4 or sprout8 category?! As it doesn’t have internal storage

  25. masum says:

    brother would you tell me when beta 5 will be released ? um so excited about that

  26. gourab says:

    Hi varum sir i agree with zubai. That data is not working on other sim after u selected one sim at first setup wizard . thats a big issue . that means every time u have to switch data u will have to rest the phone and setup the whole os again

    • Sandeep says:

      Exactly the same problem with me. I am unable to use data on any other sim other than the one which was present when I update to the latest nightly build. Unable to find any solution.

  27. Prakash says:

    when i switched off the phone and connect for charging, it doesnt show any charging. and the device automatically switch on. please fix this issue.

    Android one Karbon sparkle v (CM 12.1)

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