CyanogenMod 12.1 Beta 3 For Android One Brings Bucketload Of Fixes, Now Comes In Two Variants

  CyanogenMod 12.1 BETA 3 is a major release out of all BETA releases so far. It brings you a build which is usable for every Android One user out there which was not entirely true for any of the past releases. The device specific changelog for this release goes as follows:
– Fixed Third Party Camera apps – Fixed Flipped Front Camera on some 8GB variants – Fixed Screen Blackout when using Adaptive Brightness – Fixed a bug causing inability to change cpu frequency parameters (max freq, min freq etc) – Added FM Radio. – SELinux Enabled and set to permissive – Introducing Performance Profiles : Powersave, Balanced and Performance Modes. – Support for 8GB variants and 4GB variants separately – Automated Model Number detection – Enabled OEM partition (don’t blame me if you see some bloat apps from your manufacturers) – Performance enhancements
  CM specific changelog: 
– New tiles: Heads up – Return of The Silent Mode – Ability to change LCD Density – Many other enhancements
  Regarding choosing the right variant : There are two sprout variants available here. Sprout4 and Sprout8 Sprout4 – Stands for the 4GB variant, contains no internal storage. Sprout8 – Stands for the 8GB variant, contains internal storage.   NOTE: Not all Android One 8GB variants had internal storage, if on the stock ROM you had internal storage, only then use the sprout8 variant. If you have a 8GB variant which didn’t have internal storage on stock ROM you should go for sprout4. [adblockingdetector id=”6″] Installation Notes: 1. Users coming from Beta 2 who are going to flash the sprout4 variant don’t need to factory reset before upgrading to Beta 3. 2. Users coming from Beta 2 who are going to flash sprout8 variant must perform a factory reset before upgrading to Beta 3 3. Users coming from stock ROM must follow a full clean install as instructed on XDA thread. [adblockingdetector id=”6″] Links : XDA Developers Thread | XDA Developers Release post | Downloads [adblockingdetector id=”4″]
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32 Responses

  1. Athul says:

    Nice work bro…
    Thanks alot….

  2. kusen kayu says:

    Greetings from a1 users from indomiesia….thanks for release….

  3. Rohit says:

    Thats Awsome no need for FACTORY RESET thanks for the Information…. Also Thanks Alot.. :*

  4. harshad says:

    Thank you bro , FM on CyanogenMod 😛 goodwork….

  5. Vicky says:

    Awesome work bro thanx a lot

  6. manu says:

    ok…this is stupid ques : how to know if you have internal storage variant ?
    P.s: i m using stock 4 gb variant (Mmx a1)

  7. ananymous says:

    which are running on cm11 want to factory reset is compulsory of their devices before installing on beta 3 version of cm12.1

  8. Fel says:

    Tnx a lot Varun…

  9. Ujwal says:

    Good work, thanks for the release..

  10. maanu raj says:

    love you bro.. u are awsomee i must say.. 😀 keep developing 😀

  11. kiki says:

    thank you so much

  12. Mohax says:

    Thanks a lot. I found little bugs. When I’m restart my device, SIM Card setting need to be resetting again. Like default data, call and sms. I was setting it before. But every I restart, it’s requieres again.

    But it’sno big problem. Hope you can fix it in next release. I using 8GB variant, Evercoss One X. Thanks.

  13. JustSaying says:

    Now waiting for the new device tree source release…

  14. Suratim Mondal says:

    Really nice one…..5*star bt…..problem from camera when i record video by camera its lag…fix this please….. others its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………….. 😀

  15. Sai Abhishikth says:

    I tried all the three releases…. BETA 1,2 & 3…. But i am not able to install a stock or full variant of Gapps…. all i am able to install is a micro package…. it says insufficient system partition space…
    however, Your work is awsome like always bro!

  16. Rangs says:

    I Really Really Appreciate what are you doing varun.. i move from cm11 to cm12.1 cause of you.. LoL
    thanks a lot from your work.. this build has nearly nightlies (or stable if im wrong?) hehe..
    I’m an Indonesian Android One user. Evercoss One X.. 😀

  17. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Thanks bro for cm12.1 beta3 but there are some bugs plz solve it
    Sound problem while calling volume is very low bro plz give a patch for this and the sound quality is awesome in stock 5.1 so plz solve these problem
    1) calling sound is low
    2) Dialer is buggy when we use speaker in case of call turn on speaker it takes more time to respond
    3)Sim selection Message on every boot
    4)All 3rd party camera app working execpt camera360 plz solve out in next update
    5)Asphalt 8 not working on cm12.1 or Stock 5.1
    Is there is any way to increase earpiece volume using build prop or any file edit plz tell me

  18. reyog says:

    *Please skip for my bad English
    I really appreciate for your hard work!

    I appologize for newbie question 🙂
    # How to use OEM partition? I’ve this partition, then I put some apk like “my own launcher.apk” also lib file in app and app-lib folder. But, won’t to automatic installed on boot?.

    Known bugs;
    – SIM Selection popup on every boot
    – SIM2 can’t set to 3G mode, even used for Mobile data
    – SIM card menu to deactivated some slot still won’t work
    – SIM Selection is over showing on create new SMS
    – Setting menu stopped when changing device language
    – Heads-up message show time too long
    – Torch and camera (with flash or not), making speaker noisy

    + Please add a application like “Feedback or Bug Report manually” (beside auto-collecting data by CM) to your own log or CM log database, this app will usefull for make improvement change.
    + With buggy animation and dialler, battery draining, etc., this look like AOSP then compiled with CM’s. I’m still not feel pure CM taste –yet.

    Best Regards.

  19. Vijay says:


    Can some one tell me that

    1.Whats app camera working?
    2.Ambient display settings is working?


  20. ryan says:

    plase release device tree for sprout 8gb
    eg. indonesia android one device

  21. Vijay says:


    I tried this mod and really cool i love it..

    However i really need Ambient display feature..
    can u provide quick update on this?


  22. hafeez says:

    yaar …. source release kar acchaar daalega kya, itne din se release hi nahi ki, kyun apna khud ka naam bigaad rahe ho device source hide karke ..

    you are great developer why you hide your sources that doesn’t make sense, please upload it bro we are waiting for your trees since your first release you can fix things after releasing trees too

    thank you for device bringup it would be great if you share your work #respect

  23. terminator says:

    How to install it.. I am new to this..plz help..running stock rom 5.1… Mmx a1..

  24. 15H44N says:

    I’M on cm12.1 beta 2 with twrp canvas a1….. I’ve tried all major recoveries and all versions of twrp..
    Im unable to install the sprout4 variant…….(232mb) but its getting stuck on “patching system image unconditionallly

  25. Nikhil Rajput says:

    New major bugs :

    1. Unstable (system restarts sometimes after screen wake up).
    2. sim card preferences resets frequently after every restart. There’s always a notification after restart (sim cards changed).
    3. Launcher doesn’t show apps button sometimes.

    Thanks again man for the kind support.

  26. gughan says:

    Does the Unofficial Xposed work on this ROM? Has anybody tried?

  27. Gourab says:

    Hey i am facing a problem whenever i flash the rom . its says setup wizard has stopped so i cant use it. I tried everything full clean systm,cache,dalvik,boot none is helping . please anu way to avoid the first setup wizard or .or fix it. I am using mmx a1

  28. Maykheld says:

    I’m waiting for voice issue on call to fixed ^_^
    Can’t wait for Beta 4… you are awesome, sir ! ^_^

  29. osama says:

    Bro I have problems with setting

  30. Amit says:

    I found new latest official TWRP but when I flash I my device get simple reboot .how to fix it …..??
    PLZ help me….

  31. Sayan says:

    Bro. same Problem.

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