CyanogenMod 12.1 Beta 2 for Sony Xperia L Brings Critical Fixes And More Stability

This BETA release brings various UX fixes to what BETA 1 offered making it eligible to be a daily driver.   Device specific change-log:
– Added and Fixed FM Radio audio – Fixed Settings FC on Vibration intensity – Fixed Settings FC on boot – Fixed screen glitch on screen off (Lockscreen) – Improved WiFi. – Updated CM source (LMY47O)
[adblockingdetector id=”2″] CM Changes: Apart from bump to LMY47O ? A lot! 😛 Downloads: XDA Developers thread | New Release post   [adblockingdetector id=”4″]  
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20 Responses

  1. Rusdiana Badruzzaman says:

    Wow,, Great Job Varun…
    Thank a lot 🙂

  2. Jebin says:

    Awesome work!!!

  3. hafeez says:

    cm12.1 for a1 people dying here waiting sources and thunderzap v4 …. save sprout 😉

  4. guevs says:

    Thanks a lot varun…:-)

  5. pavan kumar says:

    thank you very much 🙂

  6. Billy says:

    Great !! Thanks a Lot … 😀

  7. Vkas Raj says:

    Plsssss update CM 12.1 for Andoid One !!!!

  8. Johnny says:

    Thanks Varun!
    Very nice work

  9. badri prajapat says:

    Thanks Alot!

  10. Sabir Ali Raja says:

    Waiting for cm 12.1 beta 2 for Android one phones…

  11. pavan sai manoj says:

    wifi is not working for sony xperia l while using your taoshan so please can you solve this problem

  12. pavan sai manoj says:

    wifi is not working in my sony xperia L while using cyanogenmod 12-1-beta-2 can you please help me to solve my problem

  13. PH says:

    That’s great rom. Thank you for any thing

  14. gughan says:

    I have a problem. People I talk to tell me they hear an echo of themselves. I had the same problem with CM12. I don’t know if the problem is with my phone or with the ROM. Can anybody help me out?

    BTW, great work Varun! Big fan!!
    I owe you loads (cuz I use your ROM for my Android One also)

  15. Majid says:

    this rom support OTG(USB On The Go)?

  16. nidi says:

    thank u .

    • Oliver says:

      After almost one month of using cm12.1 beta 2 on my xperia L I have to say that I’m satisfied with your work. It work really well, but I have a few problems, not major, first:when I scroll fast down at a moment the page goes back on top, and second, the audio fx force close sometimes.
      Ah, and another one, the network signal icon sometimes goes gray, but I have signal because I can call and use mobile data well, I think the icon doesn’t show the real signal strength (I m from Romania on Vodafone network), and the last one, my phone shut down sometimes at 15%battery and I can’t turn it on, just after charging(i think that’s another problem, maybe the battery icon freeze or it’s another bug).
      I really wait a new update, check your site almost everyday.

  17. honestsmartguy says:

    hello cyanogenmod can i download cyanogen mod 12.1 for my xperia L C2105 pl z response immediately…

  18. George says:

    Thanks for your excellent CyanogenRom. you have vacations, but we wait new beta…:)

  19. amal says:

    my wifi is not can i fix it..?please help me 🙁

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