CyanogenMod 11 for Xiaomi Mi3

Although this phone sold like hotcakes it starved for developer attention for a long time, thanks to Xiaomi’s secret kernel recipe which they publish after the phone celebrates its 1st birthday without valuing whatever a law states. The phone sold out like what can be said one month in India. Fortunately, I managed to get my piece at the first flash sale over at flipkart Me and Qiwu Huang, a developer who works for Xiaomi have managed to bring an almost bug-free build of this popular after-market ROM to the device despite the in-availability of the sources. We have made use of pre-built kernel binary which is kind of a ‘hole’ here which will be filled with integration of kernel sources which are allegedly supposed to come out this December. If we talk about the hardware functionality currently 99%  stuff works as it should whereas the 1% involves broken Pedometer, Pressure sensor. The build is currently not suitable for daily use (can be called a ‘beta’) because of its instability because it reportedly undergoes reboots when you put it on sleep. I am currently working to get rid of this after which I believe this can be a daily driver(and so can be the ROMs based off this). We have made available our builds to the community for further testing on xda-developers forum which you can find the link of below. For those who are willing to sacrifice some battery life can try a small trick to workaround the rebooting issues. Fire up terminal emulator app–>Options–>Take wakelock. This will restrict the phone to sleep, let me know in the comments section below how this trick goes for you. Please use Q/A section of the xda thread in case of any questions, problems etc. Hit the dev thread only if you have something to help fix anything in the build.  
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  1. eded333 says:

    The wakelock works as a workaround for the the deepsleep bug, although battery life is a bit compromised.
    Any news or small update on the progress of the rom? I’m eager to try your new beta :).

  2. khairul azha says:

    hi there. im from malaysia. first of all i would like to thank you for your awsome job releasing the cyanogenmode for mi3. i download it and already using your customrom for my mi3w. i detected possible a bug in the rom. when you want to make phonecall you will touch the phone icon, after that when you touch the key dialer icon at the middle lower bottom it went blank. i neef to go back and touch the icon again then only the number or phone dialer came out. otherwise everything seem perfect on your custom cyanogenmode rom for mi3. i just wanna help you to inform so tjat many more user will comeout from miui for more vanila stock android.

  3. santhosh vsks says:

    Mi3 India. Installed & facing auto shutdown . please help

  4. Amar Bhosale says:

    Plz… Consider to update cm 11, 12 n 12.1 as official kernel r released…..

  5. Ninad says:

    Hello Varun, I’ve been knowing you since i started using XDA. ThunderZap kernel for Samsung S Advance! Was very smooth and have been using it for many days.then i bought MI3 in last flash sale and got to know you’ve been working on this mobile also, was very happy but as kernel source didn’t released soon you stopped working for it 🙁
    Finally in march kernel sources got released and i hoped you to start working on this masterpiece soon but i think you;ve stopped working on this mobile and that’s bad news for people like me who follow your work.
    So i request you to start working soon on development of this mobile
    thank you 🙂

  6. Ajay Jadhav says:

    Using ur kernels for YU Yureka
    As I m Maharashtrian I proud of u bro

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