CyanogenMod 11 Beta 4 for Android One fixes Data and 3G on SIM2, paves way for official support

  The only two bugs causing a headache and which were in the way of things to go official are finally dead! Data and 3G network on SIM2 is now fully fixed and this time there’s no catch! Simply visit Settings–>SIM Cards–>Data subscription and select any of the slots you want data on. That’s it. I’m already in the process in getting the tree merged. Once it is done you shall see one more post here regarding that. For those who are having a question on “what’s the use? Kitkat is dead!”, yes indeed it is. The fixes I have made are applicable to CM12 as well with a few changes here and there. That means once Android One gets official LP update, CM12 will go official too. Enough with the talk, let’s get our hands on the build, shall we? Device specific changelog:
Fixed 3G on SIM2 Fixed Data on SIM2 Implemented SIM switching mechanism Performance improvements Updated CM source
  [adblockingdetector id=”2″] I haven’t kept track of what has been added in CM11 since 27th October when beta 3 was released, you can do that yourself by visiting CM gerrit Coming down to the installation, if you are already coming from CM11 beta 3 you can do a dirty flash, otherwise clean install is required. Do not forget to install GAPPS after installation   Note: When you change Data subscription, you will have a notification of ‘Restricted access changed’ , wait for that notification to go away on it’s own only then turn the data ON for the corresponding SIM. Click here for download link | Click here to go to XDA CM11 thread   [adblockingdetector id=”4″]  
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9 Responses

  1. hafeez says:

    Wow…official that’s enough no more explanation needed ….congrats you made android one community happy again….. Google hands down to you .!..

  2. Dipankar says:

    Varun request you to please explain difference between official and unofficial port. I am a noob

  3. Akhil says:

    Is there any chance you’ll be releasing cm12 device trees any time soon?

  4. odsazib says:

    U r great man (y)

  5. rohit sonone says:

    Thank you very much varun sir, I bought this mobile phone specifically because you were on forum.

  6. Boban says:

    Congratz Hatz Off to u….

  7. Anish says:

    plz let me knw when will the smartfone be available..

  8. Anish says:

    else have to go for redmi note 4G

  9. Parth Shukla says:

    The download link has been removed.. Plz add an alternative link to download cm11 beta 4 for the android one

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