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Sony Xperia LLatest: 18 August 2015 – Beta 4 (Download) E.O.SThunderZap 4.16 (Download) Play Store (Free | Paid)
Android OneLatest: 18 Sept 2015 – Beta 5 (Sprout4|Sprout8)Latest: Official Nightlies (Sprout4|Sprout8)ThunderZap 5.2 (Download)
Yu YurekaLatest: 18 April 2015- Build 1 (Download)N/AThunderZap 5.0 (Download)
HTC One M9Latest: 18 July 2015 – Beta 2 (Download)N/AThunderZap 5.0 (Download)

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73 Responses

  1. Chitransh says:

    Please add kernels links also in downloads

  2. Matt says:

    Great glad your up n running again… looking forward to some XL goodness…thanks for the hard work.

  3. Sir, CM11 BETA 4 Download link Please…!

  4. Thanks @Maat…
    Sir, I need CM11 BETA v4 for MT6582 Device…

  5. dante says:

    Varun, heartfelt thanks for everything you’ve done for us, I can t believe it’s your last update, well, I hope to enjoy your job, even with another device. Good luck.

  6. Ram says:

    Hi, pls give link for CM12 beta 6 for xperia L …. Thanks

  7. Rahul says:

    Is CM 12 for android one is stable???

  8. vignrshkumar says:

    I want to re update android 4.4.4 instead of Android 5.1.1
    My mobile Spice dream uno android one Mi-498
    Kindly post the link How to reboot and download the verson android4.4.4

  9. Walter Raleigh says:

    IS there any chance to have such kernel for the alcatel pop c7, it uses a mtk6582 soc.

  10. king Aj says:

    your android one kernal can port any mtk devices into aq4601 ….. pls port boot.img to port non sprout ROMs in aq4501

  11. Deepak says:

    I have downloded the cynogen12.1 for YU Yureka but how to install as it is opening in open office as zip folder.

    • Samhith says:

      You need something called as custom recovery…………
      I see you know nothing so why don’t you search the net for tutorials

  12. David Pardo Lopez says:

    Hi, Thunder, i have many problems whit your new beta of Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Xperia L , this are the buggs:

    1º The Fast button of the flaslight it´s bugged , only on the light but don´t power of.

    2º When u power off the phone and plug on the charger, when u try to power up the phone , they are bugged and it sometimes don´t power up normaly ( u need kick the battery out ).

    3º When u power on the 3G or 4G internet, they are bugged and sometimes power off and need to power of the phone to solved this problem.

    4º In the section “Settings” —— D “Storage” instead of putting “Clear Internal Storage” says “Clear SD”.

    Something similar happens in the applications section.

    5º Incompatibility with some app like VLC in the updated version, the game Dark Avenger …

    6º Removing the battery or turn off the phone, applications like Zap Kernel Thunder lose your settings and have to be reconfigured.

    And that’s all for now, xD forgive my English is not very good, but more or less they’ll understand, see if you can solve, luck greetings from Spain, is well 🙂

  13. Suman says:

    I need thunderzap 2.5 can anyone give me the link plz..

  14. Jainam says:

    Thunderzap kernel for Yureka plus

  15. eko says:

    please make kernel thunderzap support fast charge and usb otg for android one

  16. Pravin Babar says:

    Thunderzap Kernel 4.2 is Compatible with Yureka Stock ROM Updated CM 12(Lollipo 5.0.2)

  17. Mohammed Arif says:

    bro my phone (xperia L) keeps flicking after 15 seconds, or while decreasing the display brightness.and more thing while i connect my device to pc its stops to flicker …
    thanks you..

  18. nayeem says:

    please give me a link of bugless cm 12 custom ROM for Walton primo rx2 mtk6591.

  19. Pratik says:

    sir please add xperia m in your devices list
    and work on it

  20. Samhith says:

    Where on earth is the charge control for android one.. Man I’m really looking foreword to it

  21. syam says:

    I flashed your kernel on my YU yureca and after that the wify is not turning on am running on 5.0.2 can you fix that problem

  22. shyamvelchuri says:

    Can u give cm beta 5 link for mtk 6592 ??

  23. MD.Nahid Hasan says:

    Thanks for the TZ-3.3 :3

  24. jai says:

    can you please look into the ril problem for cm12.1 beta1 for lenovo k3 note (mt6752)

  25. Przemek says:

    i have problem with push notification on cm12.1 sony taoshan. please fix it

  26. Bhenetic says:

    Can u tell me how to install ThunderZap 4.16 kernal…?

  27. Bhenetic says:

    Can u tell me how to install ThunderZap 4.16 kernal in Xperia L…?

  28. Rahul says:

    Please do release the cyanogenmod 12.1 for Sony Xperia E3 Dual Model no. D2212

  29. Dinh Hung says:

    Please support Philips v387 16GB. It use Mt6582 2GB RAM. Thank you very much!

  30. Syam says:

    Can you fix cannot connect to camera

  31. Lucifer says:

    gimme d kernel download link for yureka plus

  32. Murlee Babla says:

    Is there any custom rom for micromax canvas fire a107?? If there is…….then please do inform me. Thanks

  33. sibash says:

    I can flash this ROM on MMX unite2

  34. rikza says:

    where for Samsung galaxy geand 2 ? i need it, thanks

  35. prakyath says:

    Hey I want a custom ROM of cm 12 lollipop for my Micromax canvas doodle 3 a102

  36. rafay says:

    Still facing screen lag issue on 4.4 ROMs , with tz 4.16! Can u please help me out !

  37. Rogue8o8 says:

    Run into an issue…. Sometimes after rebooting my M9 the big cluster doesn’t wake up… I can only fix this by opening the kernel control app and switching to an endurance mode and back.

  38. Oliver says:

    What means E.O.S. (for cyanogenmod 13,Xperia L)?

  39. kuldip pawar says:

    Have any costome recovery for Micromax canvas juice 2.

  40. nitin says:

    wifi not turning on after installing your kernal please help

  41. Sourav Ray says:

    Please add cm13 for Android one sprout 8

  42. milad says:

    why c12 official rom for sony l is unavailable to download???

  43. donny says:

    iwant cm13 for xperia L please

  44. vallavan says:

    Android one cm 12 is snapshot or not

  45. Plipik says:

    Hope thunderzap 4.0 for sprout have double tap to wake

  46. Ashish says:

    Could you please fix VoLTE feature alongwith 4G in Yuforia

  47. kriswanto says:

    Sorry cm its 12 hp if you make evercoss A7S * If there’s no om,,,,,,, not send in my email thank you very much for your help

  48. Baidurya Phukan says:

    Please provide link for Thunderzap Kernel YU Yureka 5.0.2 and can we use we flash this in stock lollipop?(5.0.2) (CM12.0)

  49. Boobalan says:

    I’m Yureka User, cyanogen 12.1 . After Updating ThunderZap 5.0, My wifi did not turned On. I can’t Searching Wifi Network around.. Pls Help…

  50. Amal says:

    Sir I want to micromax canvas fire 4 A 107 cm12
    Sir please help me……

  51. Watson says:

    Will it flashed over velocity kernel

  52. rajeev says:

    hey can i use this cm 12.1 for micromax a107?

  53. Navjot says:

    Sir plz provide otg support in kernal.There is externaly powered otg adapter available.i have tried it.but not working .may be kernal modifications are needed..plz help

  54. Rahul says:

    can i install work with kali linux

  55. John says:

    Please give Micromax unite 3 q372 rom also 13, marshmallow plz

  56. Anmol sharma says:

    sir… i want cnogenmod of lollipop for micromax a102

  57. Devil says:

    Please give an cynogen mod for xolo One

  58. SHYAM says:


  59. king hell says:

    Please support for lenovo k3 note MT6752

  60. yaya says:

    Please build kernel for lenovo A7000 plus MT6752

  61. Miguel says:

    Hey i want to install cm12.1 for xperia l(C2104)..i want to know how to installl it fully ,including the kernal zip and rom zip and where i can find it(link)..i have unlocked the bootloader.. i m not getting advanced option for dalvik cache in recovery..I tried many ways,but its not working…pls help..

  62. Rajnish says:

    I am having an issue …How to enable double tap to aleep in thunderzap 2.2

  63. Dip says:

    Can u plz provide me with the download link of CM11 BETA 4

  64. jay says:

    Why should you not make kernel for yuphoria device

  65. Satyam Yadav says:

    Can anyone tell me that the thunderzap 5.0 will work on YU YUREKA PLUS or not.????

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