CyanogenMod 12.1 And ThunderZap 3.0 Arrive On Android One series


CyanogenMod 12.1:

It’s been very long since I made something for the Android One users, they have received no ‘L’ goodies for like 3-4 months. Well, the lack of sources was the reason for it. But to make that up, Android One users are going to be the first on the receiving end for the all new CyanogenMod 12.1, well even before the Xperia L. Cutting to the main part now, this release is marked BETA even if full hardware is functional (yes you heard right) because there is a dense possibility that bugs may get discovered by the users than what I believe to be bug-free considering the various permutations and combinations performed by users in their usage. That being told, the important fact about this build is it’s completely unified for all 10 Android One Devices. It’s based on Google’s updated kernel base of Linux 3.10   [adblockingdetector id=”2″] Crave some eye candy?              Requirements: #1 : You need to be on latest LP firmware which contains new bootloader, it’s needed on this build. Instruction: – Perform a full clean install (Wipe cache, data, system) – Install the ZIP – Flash GAPPS [adblockingdetector id=”2″]


ThunderZap 3.0 brings updated support of ThunderZap kernel for Android One devices. The kernel contains all features which were present in ThunderZap 2.5 along with following changes.
– Universal compatibility across stock and CM12.1 – Updated to upstream Linux 3.10.73 – Rewritten Vibration Control for Linux 3.10
While this release may not seem to be a major release, it certainly is. Since Google migrated from Linux 3.4 to Linux 3.10, a lot of changed had to be optimized for the new base which involved a lot of work. It is after this release, more features will begin to roll out. And with the new Kernel OTA updates feature of the ThunderZap Control app set to release soon, sprout users are going to be real happy with updating their kernel on the air.   Downloads: Visit forums for download links and to provide feedback. CyanogenMod 12.1 | ThunderZap 3.0 [adblockingdetector id=”4″]  
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42 Responses

  1. Man, you don’t know what this means to all sprout users. :’) Thanks, If you need any help please message me.

  2. kunal says:


  3. soham says:

    terrific job as always varun. Will more governors and schedulers be added in the forthcoming versions? really miss them. Also please look into the “interactive” governor bug.

  4. Denzell Fernandes says:

    im installing it at present but its stuck on verifying update package on recovery mode.

  5. Arun Sharma says:

    hey man thanks for this really appreciate it well i have canvas a1 and i want to install this but i was able to unlock bootloader in my phone official lollipop 5.1 build lmy50 but when i install cwm it show sucess in cmd but when i open recovery mode it shows stock recovery pleases tell me how to successfully unlock bootloader, install cwm ,and root my phone in lollipop.. so that i can install cm12.1

  6. Aman khan says:

    Thnx gonna flash it and post you feedback and bugs

  7. Kushagra says:

    Varun, what do you mean by I need to be on latest lp firmware? Does that mean I’ll have to be on stock lollilpop?! Because i was running on CM11 (Thanks to you) … And i dont have enough data to download stock LP, I already downloaded the GAPPS and CM12.1. And Flashed them through Philz recovery… It booted up fine but when I go to Settings->Mobile networks, it stops… and i’m facing some other bugs too…It would be great if you help me, is there any way i can update my bootloader only? ’cause i don’t wanna download LP and then get back to stock recovery…

  8. Azis Kurnia Nugraha says:

    Hey varun, the CM 12.1 has:

    -Camera bug, it won’t start up camera when using third party apps.
    -Mobile network settings fc.
    -WiFi and mobile data works fine.
    -Low Brightness value causing black screen.
    -Recent apps have glitches preview.
    -Sounds is good.

    No problem with all just mentioned above

  9. Krishan Vaish says:

    Hey varun, thanks for your wonderful work … everything is fine except some bugs , wanna ask one thing fm is missing can we see it in next builds ?

  10. Nikhil Rajput says:

    Hey bro you did an awesome work there developing cm12.1 hats off to your work.
    I wanted to let you know about the bugs so later you can fix it in next update.
    Camera doesn’t work. It says can’t connect to camera.
    While calling via sim 2 system restarts.
    A little unstable while functioning.
    While charging in switched off mode charging percent shows ??/100.

    These are major bugs hope you’ll fix them

    • Varun Chitre says:

      1. The camera app shipped with build works fine, third party apps are broken
      2. Works fine, make sure to set Calls to SIM2 in SIM Settings instead of ‘Ask every time’ as your preference
      3. Explain
      4. I know, will be fixed in next build.

  11. Aman Khan says:

    Need to know about otg support in our droid have u tested it
    Does cm 12.1 or thunder zap 3.0 adds support for ots plz help or any other way bcuz I desperately need otg to connect controller in VR to play games. Looking forward to your reply

  12. Rohit Sonone says:

    Varun sir,brightness value bug is present in this build if you put brightness to a lowest value screen goes black I had to factory reset because of this bug.
    We appriciate your support for sprout

  13. Joshua says:


    Android One devices are available in the Philippines.
    Does that mean that CyanogenMod is compatible with these devices?

  14. gurjeet says:

    thanks man for cm12.1 ,,,,,has been waiting for it for so many days ……..hope u will fix the bugs soon…………..

  15. Rodrigo says:

    how do I root it???

  16. Ooolti says:

    Why that FM Radio in screenshot is not in my CyanogenMod?
    Ya! That’s just above in those screenshots.
    Look just above.

  17. JB says:

    Hello Varun,

    many thanks for your good work. I have directly jumped from L 5.1 (androidone) to CM 12.1 ( ). Almost everything is working fine except few and I like to share my findings here in hope those might be helpful for the next release .

    1. Deactivating specific SIM not possible.
    2. SIM2 slot doesn’t support 3G hence I have to interchange the sims as earlier my sim2 supported 3G.
    3. Automatic call recorder is not working anymore. It was operational with stock 5.1
    4. in-build call/sms blocker blocks calls but the caller continue getting ring sound. No option available to drop the call immediately or sending other signal as per choice.
    5. shipped calender is broken but google stock calender ( from market) is working well. Can we shipped the CM with stock google app ?
    6. No option seen to auto shutdown and boot as per schedule. Please correct me if I have overlooked.

    Last but not least, like to ask a question – any group sms feature in CM 12.1 ?

    Once again thanks for your hard work. You are doing wonder-full job which even the giant G did not do for community…

  18. Rohit says:

    Hey can you Work on Kernel for some better Batter Saving and Fast Charging. Cause I had used it in Xperia L (now Hard Bricked)and I had Liked It Hope You Add it Soon.
    Thank You

  19. JB says:

    Dear Varun,

    I have seen your new release
    Could you please the features/bug-fixed in this build ?
    How can we flash it without losing data ?

    Thanks for your great effort.
    with best wishes

  20. JB says:

    Hello Varun,

    I have observed some more issue with and like to share

    – headphone and mic become silent for few seconds after receiving calls, also experienced from other side. after that time gap sound comes back.

    – automatic call record only record few seconds of call not the entire conversation. RCB hang the system .

    – SIM name reset to card1 and card2 after a reboot.


  21. jb says:

    CORRECTION. The issues I have mentioned can be observed on
    by mistake mention (sprout8).

  22. JB says:

    seems the call recorder facility is already in CM but needed to be activated. Any Xposed module for cm 12.1 ?

  23. Kushal says:

    Hi varun,

    I observed following issues on cm-12.1-20150427-UNOFFICIAL-sprout4 (beta 4) release.

    Specific sim deactivation from settings>sim cards menu is not working.

    Frequently the sim 1 & 2 preferences are reset automatically for calling and messaging.

    Sim card for data – ask on every boot

  24. Nikhil Rajput says:

    New major bugs arrived :
    Tested on sprout-4 (confused between sprout-4 and sprout-8)

    1. Unstable (system restarts sometimes after screen wake up).
    2. sim card preferences resets frequently after every restart. There’s always a notification after restart (sim cards changed).
    3. Launcher doesn’t show apps button sometimes.

    Apart from bugs:

    1. Same bloat included as in stock (Amazon, Hike,…) removing them will help reducing package size.
    2. Please clear out the confusion between sprout-4 and sprout-8.
    3. Suggest a stable gapps package.
    4. Having confusion by your #1 requirement (you need to be on lp’s firmware) It doesn’t seems to be required however It will be good integrating lp’s bootloader into cm12.1 package. I am quite confused here.

    Once again thanks man for the kind support.

  25. Hemant says:

    please create a thunderzap update for android one with low power consumption

  26. Zubai says:

    I’m on CM12.1 sprout official
    When I changed the mobile network data from Sim1 to Sim2..After sometime it automatically changed to Sim1
    Plz help

  27. Sai krishna says:

    Varun bro,when I flash thunderzap kernel on sprout 8 running latest nightly 20150616 it automatically goes into bootloop:-( do u have any solution???

  28. Aman says:

    Lovely Kernel,is it going to be updated to v4.0?

  29. vipul kumar says:

    Hey varun. When I flash thunderzap over cm12.1, my device gets stuck on cyanogen bootlogo.?? Please help what to do!!

    My device is not rooted. Philz recovery is installed.

  30. Tanishq Jadhav says:

    how to install thunderzap kernel on canvas a1?

    • Suryaprakash Pisay says:

      Copy the kernel in to your sd card then restart into custom(don’t use stock recovery) recovery mod.
      select option install from sd card and select the kernel zip install it, Now go back to previous screens and restart your phone.

      There are many videos as well in youtube.

      Note that the custom rom itself contains a kernel , Do not flash custom Kernel Rom unless you need it for specific reason.

  31. sagar says:

    I have canvas a1,
    Is cm12.1 comfortable with my mobile

  32. Samhith says:

    Is the 4.0 version coming for android one

  33. shubham_tyPero says:

    can i flash it in the official cyanogenmod.
    the snapshots shows that you are using unofficial build…..

    • Suryaprakash Pisay says:

      You can Shubham, I have flashed latest official cyanogenmod rom sprout4
      The cyanogen version is showing “12.1.20150708.NIGHTLY-sprout4″(Compare the version numbers with above screenshot)
      I guess the screenshot is posted when it is still in beta version after that cyanogen officially start supporting after bug fixes.

  34. Mithun says:

    great work dude. Can you port any miui rom for this device because i love miui

  35. Suryaprakash Pisay says:

    It been a month now after flashing official sprout4 cyanogenmod rom on my spice dream uno(mi498) device.
    I have not faced any issues
    1)Camera working very much fine.
    2)Mobile Data(both 2g and 3g) on sim1 works flawlessly(I didn’t check on sim2).
    3)This is the best part — Phone battery lasts @least 2 days on continuous (3g/h+) on sim1(Before that it was lasting in just one day).

    Fabulous work by Varun Chitre.

  36. samrat deshmukh says:

    can u plz make cm 12.1 rom for xolo one device ????.
    it is similar to android one device

  37. kiran says:

    How can I flash separate kernel on already installed cm 12.1

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